Džaaks is a brand that produces bags and accessories. The primary characteristic of all models is that they are practical, lightweight, wearable and a little (not too much) eccentric. While they feature simple geometric shapes, they occasionally step outside of ordinary shape and color patterns. I pay special attention to contrasts of intense color on a dark background which makes the model wearable and suitable for all occasions while keeping elements that prevent simplicity and ordinariness. A special collection of Džaaks is called Reincarnations, made of recycled leather.


Mater is a cycle of illustrations started at the time when I became a mother. They represent notes on daily life of a mother and her confrontation with new and unknown reality and situations. They are drawings in which every viewer can see reflections of themselves and interpret them, if not literally and from personal experience, then in whatever other way their imagination will let them. The drawings might appear simple at first sight, but a second glance is always humorous. Can you think of a better companion?